3 months - 1 year

Babies need love, nurturing, security and stimulation. At Zoom we also realise that they need routine and we work closely with our parents to ensure we meet their individual needs, such as sleep, feeding patterns and weaning. Babies learn about the world around them through their senses. They enjoy listening to and making sounds, watching and observing, experiencing new textures and physically; sitting, rolling, crawling and finally walking. We ensure that each child has access to each of these experiences through a range of activities all designed to help them progress.

1 - 2 years

Every day is a new learning opportunity. We build and progress by evolving our curriculum to introduce additional choice and interactive involvement through a range of creative and problem solving activities. We also focus on all aspects of physical development and provide a range of opportunities for children to develop both indoors and outdoors. This includes both gross motor skills - co-ordination, movement and balance, as well as fine motor skills - hand/eye co-ordination. Social and communication skills are also encouraged through one-to-one and small group activities, such as singing and circle time.
Our rooms are vibrant, spacious and very well equipped. Here your baby will have the opportunity to interact with others, throughout a day filled with lots of fun activities.