They say an army marches on its stomach - children are no different!

Zooms nutritionally balanced meals, prepared on-site by a dedicated full-time Chef, are tasty and well-balanced. We follow a no Pork, no added salt or sugar menu; however, we work closely with our parents to make sure that every child's needs are catered for.

We offer breakfast (with a choice of cereals and toast), mid-morning snack of fresh fruit, lunch, mid-afternoon snack of fresh fruit and afternoon tea. Water is offered throughout the day. Menus are rotated on a 4 week basis, offering a variety of different tastes and textures. Our menus are also reviewed twice a year.

At Zoom, mealtimes are not just about the food. It is an important time for a child's development. When they are ready, we encourage our children to feed and serve themselves, which helps build their independence and confidence. We also use this as a structured time to talk to our children, introducing table manners, discussing healthy options and begin to introduce nutritional language. We also work very closely with parents of babies, working together on the weaning of their children.